Back on Windows today

I have played around with Ubuntu for a few days now and I can get most things to work but now and then I run into something that sets me back. I could live with the OS if I needed to and it is fun to play around with, but I do know Windows a little better.

A friend of mine stopped by today to say “see you later” and that he will be hitting the road tomorrow morning. Good traveling  (Max)! I hope you have a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you again in Yuma next fall.

Today I went out and did my end of month shopping (on the 5th) Barry!  Barry my  friend is  in center picture below in this link LOL. Barry always fussed with me as to rather it is the end of month shopping, when I do it after the 1st. I insist that it is ❗

I will take it ease today with maybe a little stretching and that will be all. No bike riding, I’ll rest up for next week, so I can be on my feet for 15 hours. I did get a total of about 10 miles on the bike and my stretching done yesterday.

Bird of the week, this is an Eastern Bluebird and this picture was taken in KY maybe 6 years ago.

Have a nice day folks, later.