Last day again

This will be my last day here in Storrie lake for this visit, my two weeks are up tomorrow. Where will I go? I have not a clue, but I think not far. There are two State Parks that are about 50 miles away, but both are very disconnected from the world, so to speak. By now everyone knows that I don’t like being disconnected very much 😦 , but hey, they are in some beautiful places, with lots of fine trials to walk πŸ™‚

Birds; Man, I have a ton of Humming birds coming to the feeder, they go through more than a feeder of sugar-water (little over two cups) a day. I do enjoy all their antics. I seen my Western King Chicks yet again this morning and maybe I will go out and look for them again later today. Think I will get out now to see if I can find the West King chicks and walk a little. Update 3:30pm I did spot the Chicks and they are still not too far away.

Exercise; Maybe 2 miles of walking for today’s total. The knees are doing a little better today.

I am only doing a short post for today, so later.