A good old bad day is a coming

Brr, the mornings are starting to cool off a bit now and I will miss the warm mornings. Mind you, in a couple of hours the temperature will be right where I like it, but it sure is nice to get up to a day and put on your shorts and t-shirt and be set for the day. In the summer I seldom ware long pants or long sleeve shirts, but often in the winter I can’t get by with it, just too cool. OK enough old man weather talk πŸ˜‰

Soon it will be moving time, not sure where we’ll go to, but it won’t be far. My friend and I are kicking ideals around, and we think we got a plan, but with the two of us …………. you never know.

My friend’s inverter stopped working and we had to figure out what was up with it. Took us a try or two but I think we got it going. We’ll know in a day or two for sure.

Had a decent bike ride today, it was slow and easy but it was on an old sandy road and kind of had to be that way, but still it a nice ride. I got a Google “My Tracks” of it and I’ll post that if I can remember how.

Well shoot, Google tracks made a mess out of my tracks. I will put the link in, but it has too many lines, if you remove the two straight lines from the start/end point, you will pretty much have my tracks. Google, what are you doing? Here is the link, for what mess it is 😦  The next time I ride my bike, I will use an Android app called MapMyRide and see if it does any better.

One thing I would like to mention, tomorrow is my day to be bad bad bad on my diet! Once a month I have what I call a bad day and just damn well eat what I want and tomorrow will be that day for me πŸ™‚Β Β  I look forward to my bad day each month and I never have more than one bad day a month. I will have some biscuit and gravy to start, then some donuts, then there will be pizza and bread-sticks and lastly maybe I will top that off with some strawberry shortcake with lots of whip cream …………….Β  or we may just run into other bad food and just eat what we see! I have me a big time on my bad day! LOL. I often start these days with such plans but after a couple of treats, I call it good, but we’ll see because tomorrow is my bad day πŸ™‚

OK, this is the end of my day, so a good night to you folks.


Yesterday my friend came over and told me to come and look out the door, and there was a Great Egret walking around the area and I am betting it was looking for a nice lizard meal, at any rate I capture a few shots of it.

Great Egret, click for the big picture.

This morning I went out and got a little water for my RV and had enough to rinse some the dust off the RV and Truck, a much-needed thing. I went up on top of the RV and man-oh-man the solar panels had a ton of dust on them, I give them a good cleaning and now they should do 5% better! This is a convenient place to be but it has all the bad things of a southwestern city, noise, traffic, smoke, crowds and plenty of dust. It is handy for many things for me, mail and water at my friends, all the stores you could ever want and all the other things cities have.

Exercise; Today I took the bike out for a ride and did about 10 miles. It was a easy ride at a slow pace.

I have not spoken of my weight or diet for a long time now and there is a reason for that, and that is ………… nothing has changed! I guess that is a good thing. I am still on the Atkins Diet and still weight in at 180.Β  I like this weight better than what I was two year ago for sure. I would like to take off another 10 but I am not ready to push for that just yet. 180 will have to do for now, and that is not too bad for a man 5’9″Β  I think all the good guides say I should weight about 169 but ……… Like I said, I am not ready to fight that battle just yet.

Night folks.



Good walk today. My friend went with me today and we walked for a good ways, something over 2 miles for sure. I know we left about 10:30 and got back around noon and we walked pretty study.

The sun is kind of coming and going today so it is a bit thin on power today, so maybe I’ll run the generator for a while later on. Oh, the tough life us boon-dockers live, LOL.

Afternoon update; The old clouds went away this afternoon and we got lots of sun, and that is why so many of us RVers come to the southwest πŸ™‚

Yesterday I ordered a few more things off the internet, while I am here in Yuma and have my friend’s house to have items shipped to. For the first time I have ordered some stuff off Ebay and I hope all goes well with that. I made two orders and both sellers have a great rating, so maybe all will be well. We’ll see in a few days. Us old dudes learn new tricks everyday, yes? LOL. Here’s to hoping we don’t get tricked!

It is about 8pm in the evening now and I hear the crop-duster plane taking off for its evenings work. The area is full of vegetable crops seeing as the Colorado River runs through the area and makes for good irrigation. So about every night one hears the plane flying around doing its job. It takes off about dust and is done by around 10pm or so and oddly enough it only works at night. I am sure there is a good reason for it but I don’t know what that reason is.

OK, I am calling it a day, so good night folks..

More Photo Stuff

Today I ordered a couple more small items for photo gear. One was a focus rail, and the other was more quick release mounts. I am thinking about order a mono pod head for the mono pod that I’m going to get one day πŸ™‚

I have played a little with the camera trying to get some good macro shots but it will be a while before I like my work well enough to post something. I think the weather is against me with a little wind all the time. Actually, the wind has always been there its just that I didn’t pay much mind to it before trying to take closeup to micro pictures : shock: Usually there is a slight breeze moving around all the time here in Arizona, and that is over all an OK thing, except when trying to take a picture of a little bug on a limb, LOL. Patience, grasshopper, patience!

More Windows updates are downloading 😦   another 250 something MB. These software companies all think that everyone has unlimited bandwidth and plenty of speed to do all these heavy updates.  I guess it is good that they keep things up to date but man it takes a lot of time and effect. 250 BM on a 3G connection is pretty good size download.

I rode the bike for about 11 and half miles today so I am up to date on exercise.



OK, let us talk weather, (Sorry old dude thing) I think the weather has been good and is about to get even better. The days have been making 90 or 95 and it is about to drop by about 10Β° which will get us low 80s days and low 50s night, a RVers dream. Top notch sleeping weather for nights and beautiful days. This is why I am in the southwest πŸ˜‰Β  I must admit that some afternoons we have took off for a rode just to do something to get out of the RV which is a tad warm in the 90 + heat.

Macro pictures: I don’t know if any of my readers are photo buffs or not but if you are ………. I have been playing around with extension tubes and reverse rings on the camera and I am finding it a hard way to take pictures if you are hand holding. I just don’t have the steady hands for it. Hey, I will keep trying and maybe I will learn something πŸ™‚ . Wow, when I reverse a lens it sure makes for one very shadow depth of field, maybe a dine thick, if that. I reversed my 18-55mm kit lens for those interested in such. I still don’t have any pictures I want to show just yet, hopefully soon. I will keep clicking and maybe I will learn something or have some dumb luck, one of the two!Β  I have a 150mm macro lens and have done some fair shots with that a long time ago, but it has been a while and I never was very good at the macro thing. This will give me something to work on.

I love looking at the photo forums and seeing just how good Macro shots can be, and that let’s me know just how much work I have to do. If you want to see some amazing shots, go to one of the photo forum links on the right and then to the macro link, some of the shots blow me away with just how good they are. Many of the folks have some high end gear but some don’t and still get some amazing shots out of what gear they have. Of course many of them know what they are doing too, unlike me (for now anyway). I think macro pictures will go well with my birding, either take pictures way out there or get really close!

I may miss exercise for today and give the legs a rest, they seems a little fussy.



Little windy today, nothing like NM but a bit of wind moving around. It feels pretty good this morning but I hope it’s not blowing all day because this afternoon after all the dust is rolling around that would not be good. The dust seems to have a tendency to get thicker as the day goes on. It does bother me some but not too bad on the other hand it makes my friend nuts, really bothers his lungs.The area we are in has construction work going on with the railroad also there is a rock quarry and a concrete block making place. All this activity makes for a very dusty environment.

Speaking of weather, I am so happy that I came to this area (we’ll call it Quartzsite and Yuma area) for Oct, the weather has been just the best. Maybe the best way to describe where, is to say, along highway 95 between I 40 and I 8. Good weather, I tell you!

We will move else where after the first of the month, neither of us have an ideal where that might be just yet, but we will do something. Maybe north a little? Not far because it will start to cool off next month, don’t want to be cold.

The day has again gotten away. My friend said a funny thing the other day, “Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not!” LOL, I think he got that right. So the point is, you might as well have fun because time is going to get gone, either way!

I took a little walk this evening, maybe a couple miles.


Bike Ride

Today my friend headed into town to do some laundry and other things so I decided to hang out and later decided it was time for a bike ride. I did about 11.5 miles and it felt pretty good to be out on the bike. When it comes to exercise, I think my first love is walking, at least when all my body parts are cooperating. But riding the bike is still a lot of fun too, and maybe my second love. I need to do something with upper body, it is wasting away 😦  I keep speaking of it, but never get around to doing anything about it. Well, one of these days when I can’t do something physical that I need done, maybe it will snap my mind into the right place.

I have spent the morning reading about all the new tech things out and there are lots, as always. I did a good bit of reading on the New Surface Pro 2, and it looks to be a nice device but you will pay the big bucks if you get one. If if ever comes in line with other tablets I’ll be in, but not at the price they want now, just too costly. I like the new Nexus 7, but I have the old Nexus 7 so I don’t see buying another one now. I want at least two years out of my toys, I know that is pushing in this new modern device rich world, but I will try to hold out πŸ˜‰ .

Today I received a couple of things I ordered from Amazon for the Camera, nothing big but some small toys. I got a 58mm camera mount reverse ring, and some step-down and step-up rings, I can now do funny things like mount a lens backward. Why would I want to do that, well as it turns out that makes for a very strong magnification. It is a bit of a learning curve to do this but it will give me something to keep me busy learning, a good thing.


Poor internet

The new location we are in don’t have much of an internet connection but it will do till we move on to some other place. My connection kind of jumps in and out. Sometimes I think my device (MiFi 4620L) is not just right, but it is app to be Verizon, because others have told me they are having some trouble in the area too.

The day has went by to quick. Seems like time just get away.

Last night when I took the camera out I only seen this little duck. Here is my RV site for now.

The other day my friends and I went to visit the Yuma Prison. Here is a couple of shots from there.
Yuma Prison2_0528Yuma Prison_0527

OK, that is all for now.

Home most of the day?

LOL, My friend and I have been at our RVs for most of the day, this is unusual! We usually run the roads till at least 2pm but today we where back by 10:30 or so.

I took the time to fire up the desktop computer and do a few more adjustments and I think I have things lined out pretty well for now. One of the big things I have done is reading up on all the sharing features. Figuring out which ones to turn on and which ones to turn off. I have read on this page and it has lots of tricks and tips that I like. I also did things like make sure that my printer worked from both computers and other things like that.

While reading around in the tips I found out a thing I didn’t know (and I bet it has been around for a spell now) is that you can share files straight from File Explorer, which I did not know, could come in handy.Β 

We took another trip into town, to Walmart and a RV store.

I have not done anything with my camera  since I have been here so maybe I should get out and take a picture or two! Update; I did get out with the camera but did not find a lot of interesting things to shoot, a liking on my creative side 😦  Maybe another day.


Too Little exercise

I am going to have to change the way I am doing things because I am not putting in enough time exercising, just slacking too much. I got to pick up the walking or add some biking. I have to be careful and not get too lazy because it can be habit-forming 😯

I still have not played much with my desktop after updating to Windows 8.1 but the laptop seems to be doing very well.

The weather here in Yuma has been pretty nice with the days getting warm but the nights cool off just fine for good sleeping, which is very important for us RVers out boon-docking without hookups. The weather has been better here in Oct than I expected. I am starting to think I like the weather pretty warm, I much be becoming a southwestern 😯 Well, I guess that is OK, seeing as I have been here for over 6 years now.

You know I have sat here in this same spot (about 3 years ago) and I had at least 3 or 4 channels of English TV, but I did a scan on my TV the other day and came up with 17 channels, 10 digital and 7 analog and allΒ  of these where Spanish-speaking and zero English-speaking channels! Maybe it is just my TV ………? LOL. Who needs TV anyways?