Little slower today

We have only been out to visit with a friend and do laundry today, not much road running, LOL a slow day.

I need to get back on the desktop at some point and do a few more things, I am sure there are more updates to do. I need to get my home group going again too. I like moving files around without any cloud service, it is free when you do the same thing on you own network 😉   If you listen to all the OS’s you would think the only way to sync a file is to have a cloud services. I have and do use a few of the cloud services but I don’t depend on them for everything. My favorites are Evernote and Dropbox, however with Microsoft building the Sky Drive right into Windows it may become a little more useful.

Moved;  We have moved up the road about a mile and I had hopes of maybe getting into an area where I could receive over the air TV but no luck. Also my internet went from 4G to 3G 😦  two downhills) The place is at least a lot more peaceful and quiet, (One major uphill). With the two of us moving in, there are now 3 RVs in the area. Here is the location.