The bad day is gone

I had my bad day and I over did it for sure, with biscuit and gravy, and a big doughnut to start the day. Later on I had a pizza and two or three little sweet goodies and all that was just a bit too much 😦  So ………… I had me a big old sugar crash and felt bad and a bit sick. I guess my system don’t do well with all the junk food like it use too.  My next bad day won’t be as bad ……… I promise! Maybe the next bad day that I have I will cut back to a bad meal. I don’t care for these crazy sugar crashes. Man I don’t know how I will get around my love of donuts! I do like all the bad foods but they do put my body to a shock any more, my system is just no longer use to all the sugar and things that turn to sugar. My new healthier body fights back against all that junk food! Odd, my old fat body just loved all them old junk foods and could wolf them down like there was no tomorrow. Well the changes are what they are, and I like my healthier body and I am going to keep it, so I’ll just have to adjust.

Most of my orders from Amazon and E-bay are all in, only one left from Amazon. I email the folks that are doing the Amazon order and they said they would send me another item like the one I order, if there was no tracking on it as of tomorrow. I am thinking on this. I need to get ready to leave this area so waiting around for a $15.00 item is not what I want to do. However I am going to be here till at least Wednesday so maybe it can work, if they don’t fool around with it. It is an item that I can’t get elsewhere, so I kind of want it to work out.

I have an order in at B&H Electronics out New York but I don’t worry about them because I know they are very dependable. It will come by FedEx Wednesday.

It has been a filling day, night folks.