Guilt Exercise

Yep, that is what I am up to today, I took me a good hard bike ride out the sandy roads today and it felt good. Now I feel better about eating so much yesterday. Guilt aborted! LOL. A really good ride of just over 11 miles and I recorded it with MapMyRide this time, so let us see how it came out. Here is the link. This link should give you a better map than Google did the other day and by the way it is the same ride. If you have trouble with this link please let me know. Maybe more exercise today if my friend wants to walk later on, I will do that today too.

This morning I paid the old bills 😦 , paying bills still leaves me sad, even after all of these years practice, LOL. I also did a little shopping this morning, it is time to start stocking up a little bit, the stores may not be as close by, the next place we move the RVs to.

My friend didn’t want to walk this evening so I just took a scroll around the area, nothing to call exercise. Tomorrow is lazy Sunday but maybe I’ll get out for some morning exercise, we’ll see. I have not done any exercise in the morning for a while now, been too busy running the roads. No matter, I have been getting to exercise at some point in the day. Stretching, now there is a thing I have let go by the waste side 😦 at some point I am going to regret that, if I don’t get back to it soon.

Night folks.