Warm day

A warm day it is, for the first week of November it is very warm. That is a good thing I guess, it could be very chilly instead and I don’t want that.

I took a ride on the bike today, just under 10 miles and it was a pretty good ride. A slow ride over some rough roads but still enjoyable. Here is a link to my ride, recorded with MayMyRide android app. Distance: 9.61mi, time: 01:05:35, pace: 6:49min/mi, speed: 8.79mi/h. Not a full 10 miles today which is usually my least ride length but it will do for a lazy Sunday. (The guilt is wearing off, LOL)

By the way, as some of you may remember I give up the smart phone service ………….. so how did I do that with my smart phone? Well, here is the deal. Everything still works on it except the phone and of course the LTE data, but it works very well with WiFi and I just carry my MiFi 4620L Hotspot along with me and all is well. That gives the MapMyRide app all the info it needs, maps and such. My old smart phone is the first LTE phone that Verizon came out with, the Thunderbolt, but it still runs most of my favorite apps. If they made a nice 5 to 6 inch tablet that I liked and that would fit in my front pocket, I would trade it out for one.

My bike has mixed tires on it for now, on the front I have a trail tire and on the back I have a road tire. Seeing as I am riding the rougher roads of late I may go back to the trail tires. They are cheaper anyways, and better for the rough, rocky and sandy roads around here that I have taken to riding. With the road tires I am sure to pop one if I go off-road much, but with the trail tires, while not near as good for riding the road, will do just fine when on the road, I just have to work a little harder when on the road, which gives me more exercise. A good thing?

Night folks.

P.S. I almost forgot to do my bird update for the week.

Here is a Osprey picture I took while at Heron Lake, NM.