My Workout

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.11mi, time: 01:15:43, pace: 18:27min/mi, speed: 3.25mi/h.
Click here to see the map of my walk

The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

I had a good walk today, as you see from above it was just over 4 miles. One thing I like about the “apps world” is the ease that you can share info between apps, very handy.

I did get my laundry done today and picked up the needed oil to change the oil in my truck at some point. The rest of the day was pretty much spent goofing off. We went to lunch at the Golden Corral and I had more than my share of food. I did eat the right foods but a lot of it. That however is the part of the Atkins diet I like best, as long as you stay away from the high carb foods, you are fine. I did good and stayed away from my favorite, carrot cake.

Today I checked the status of my internet orders from Amazon and B&H Electronics and both should be here by Thursday. My friend still has a thing or two to get done and then we are out of here. We are both kind of thinking north a little ways, and by a little ways I mean under a hundred miles or so. At any rate the B&H order got delayed by another day for some reason (FedEx delay, not B&H) and the other one had been slow from the get go. I ordered from three different companies through Amazon and all of them did great, including Amazon, but the other one (Paradise Memory Co ) has been ridiculously slow. (Paradise Memory Co ) received my order on the 21st of October and didn’t place a shipping notice to the post office until the 26th of October and then didn’t release the item for shipping until the 4th of November. If a company is going to move that slow, I think they should let you know that up front. Oh well, now I know. Over all, things went great, out of about 10 items I ordered from Amazon, eBay and B&H all where fast and efficiently delivered, except the one.

Social; I would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all the folks that follow and stop in to read my blog, so to each and every one of you a big thanks!  To tell the truth I am a bit surprised by the number of folks that do stop in, because, a writer ……. I am not. I do like to have a little something to say everyday but often it sure is a bit of nothing, LOL! Another thing that has surprised me, is just how much I look forward to taking a few minutes of my day just to say hello to folks and write a few words about my small world. I know that there are a few folks that have follow me along the road for some time now and don’t ever say much, so a big thank you to you guys and gals too.

The posts that get the most responds are the ones with good pictures ………………… OK, I hear you guys, I will try a little harder to get photos worth posting. Still working on that Macro stuff 😦

I try hard to get over to each and every one of your guys and gals blogs to have a look see and see what you are up to, and I often do a “like” but I don’t comment much ………. most of you are such great writers I am sometimes a bit intimidated 😯 !  Again thanks so much for stopping in on me, I greatly enjoy having you by!

Night folks.