Playing today with the Macro lens. Photos in the macro world is a different thing 😯 but it looks like it could be fun. Here are some shots I took just playing around. I put a dine beside one so you could see where I was trying to get to with these. My backgrounds did not work out. Out of the two I like the last one best and it was handheld while the other was on a tripod, also I just used natural light on the last one, so go figure. The background sometimes makes or breaks a picture and the first one sucked. I cut the first one and bought it inside to attempt to set up a shot but it was not working for me.Today is not a good day for macros because the wind is blowing like mad, well at least for macro shooting it is.

All is well though, as time goes along I will play more with my new toys and hopefully get better. For those of you into such, these were taken with a Canon 7D and Sigma 150mm Macro Lens. I would love to have the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens but that is not in the cards at that price 😦 . Shoot I would not even mind having the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens non IS. The latter lens on the other hand can be found used for $300 to $400, so maybe one day. All these lens are not to be worried with though, because there are many ways to get Macro shots without a Macro lens, such as reversing a lens to the camera, extension tubes or reversing lens to other lens. Some of these things I am going to be playing with over the next few months to see just what I can do. One other thing I have been reading on is stacking photos and that looks like a thing I could try at some point. I see some amazing photos out of stacked images on the photo forums in their macro sections.


My friend took off today for a RV park to dump his tanks and stay over night. Tomorrow he will take his RV in to have some work done on it. I, on the other hand am still chilling out here at the Gravel pit and waiting for my packages to be delivered on Thursday. So …… hopefully we both will have all our stuff done by Friday and be able to go see something different. I think we are both ready to go. My friend that lives in Yuma, will be back in town about the time we are leaving but hopefully we’ll have some time to chat. Us RVers are just a rambling bunch 😯 always a coming or a going.

Exercise for today was only two short walks (more like a stroll) but hey, at least a little something.

Still playing with the silly flower, here is one more shot. This one is a stacked image but only 4 shots and it needed more, but at least I have a start, and the background is a little better too.

Night folks.