We have move to the Quartzsite, AZ area, here is the location. If you do not know about Quartzsite, AZ you should Google it. Quartzsite is a little place that has maybe 3000 to 5000 people in it but in the winter about January to February it goes up to about 500,000 people and they all come in their RVs. This is probably the most poplar RV place in the world. It is very interesting to say the least. There are many RV parks around but the desert around Quartzsite gets a lot of boon-dockers, there are many places you can park for two weeks, free. They all so have long-term visitors area(LTV) where you pay a one time fee of $180.00 for six months time (no hook-ups) just boon-docking.
HomeQ_0577Here is a shot of my home for the next week or so. I will take a few shots around Quartzsite in the next few days but it is not the busy place now that it will be in January. The best thing about the place compare to the last one (Gravel Pit, in Yuma) is that there is about no dust. Of course this is AZ and there is dust but nothing like in Yuma, this area is much better. My friend (Barry) who was having a really hard time with the dust, likes the place a lot, LOL.

On another good note I have 4G internet connection, very good phone service, and some good old TV 🙂

I think I will put out my Humming Feeder, just to see if any show up. There, the feeder is out.

OK, it is 5pm and time to get out for exercise, at least a little. Update about 6pm; I took a very small walk and I had walked a good bit earlier today looking around for a spot before parking, so the two together will count for some exercise.

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