I am very late getting started on my blog today. Sometimes the day just goes to other places 🙂

I am feeling a little under the weather today with what appears to be a sore throat coming on strong this evening. It started while I was out walking and is not getting any better. Worries me a bit seeing as I did not get a flu shot this year. With some really good luck it will be gone by morning, and if not, well it will be just one of life’s little things to deal with, but here’s to hoping!

I did get in a good walk today, about 3.5 miles and at a good pace.

Today my friend and I put a new bat-wing antenna on his RV. He had the little round one that many RVs are coming with now-a-days (they are useless). Before he was getting no over-the-air channels and after adding the new antenna he was getting 12+ channels without even doing much aiming of the antenna.

Tomorrow I think we’ll take a ride into Parker to do a little shopping.

Night folks.