Exercise to start the day

I took me an 11 mile ride this morning on the bike, felt good ……  Well, once I got back it did! LOL, It has been a while since I did much riding on the bike, mostly walking this summer. At any rate it was a good hard ride and now I feel great! Some good hard exercise sure makes this old dude’s system feel like it is percolating at it’s best, especially in the mornings.

OK the day is over and I can make no big claim as to getting anything what-so-ever done. I did get a little water for the RV, but that is about it for me. My best claim to anything today, is exercise.

My latch on my RV screen door broke today and I had just replaced it less than 2 months ago. I really hate it when things break that quick. Best I can remember, I pay 15 to $20.00 for that little latch, what crap! The good news ……… I am in Quartzsite, AZ where there is tons of parts for RVs, I will soon have it replaced with a better one, I would bet!

Night folks.