Daylight Saving Time

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Being a morning person, I am thrilled with the end of DST for yet another year. Waking up with the dawn instead of in the dark is wonderful. And my girl doesn’t have to hear me repeat every morning, “It’s not light yet!” when she begs me to open the living room window shade.


As some of you may recall, I rather enjoy the challenge of doing the math to discern what time it actually is since the clock in my truck does not get changed. The complexity of resetting the time every time DST comes and goes and every time we move from one time zone to another is not worth the frustration.


Since we’re beginning our 7th winter season in New Mexico, the faces and news formats on Albuquerque TV stations are familiar. And although crime rates are reportedly high in that population center, imagine…

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Another cloudy day

Wow, the clouds are following me, no not really, not near as many cloudy day here in AZ as there was in NM this summer.

WordPress site is slow as can be in the evenings, at least it seems that way to me. When I get on this time of day about 7pm, it is really slow to load the page while other pages seem to load much better.

Ever feel like you are getting into a rut? I get that way sometimes for no particular rhyme or reason, just get to feeling like I am in a rut. Usually this passes pretty quick, maybe just a bit of depression? Yep, I’ve had a bit of that in my life time, lucky for me it is less and less with age 🙂  Maybe it is about letting some things in life go? Who knows all the in and outs of it (the guys with the white coats have worked on it for years and learn new things all the time), as for me, I just try to move pass the thing when it hits me.

I got in some exercise late this afternoon, a good walk of about 3.5 miles. Exercise always makes me feel a little better, I need that, LOL! I have done a few little mini hamstring stretches over the last couple of days, I so need to get back to stretching. I am starting to become really stiff again, got to get off that wagon! Sometimes when I walk around out here in the desert I feel myself not stepping high enough over the low laying rocks and that is a sign of too little flexibility, maybe? I have watched as people get older and they start to stumble over smaller and smaller things, and I think it is a sure sign you are becoming weak and less flexible in some areas of your body, that there is some missing muscle or flexibility, both of which can be worked on and helped a lot if you start early and stay with it. None of the these things are things that I know, but they are things that I believe to be right.

Winslow_Homer_-_The_Whittling_BoyOh no, now I am talking about the weather (which is nice by the way) all the time and  I have become a Doctor too, yep that’s it, I am starting to get way over the hill in age! LOL. Oh shoot, I am starting to feel an urge to whittle something ……… got to go!


I am done for this day, night folks.