Another good start

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.99mi, time: 01:18:59, pace: 19:48min/mi, speed: 3.03mi/h.

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As the above says, I got the day started with a walk of near 4 miles. However it is down hill from there …… I have decided that instead of a bad day a month I will have two bad meals a month and today was bad meal one. For those new to reading my blog, I am on the Atkins way of eating (low carb diet) and have been on it for over 18 months now. Anyhow, I need to be bad every now and then and I have been doing that for one day a month for about 6 months now, by eating just whatever bad food I want, (all day long) on the one bad day a month. Now I am changing that, this month I will have two bad meals and today I had one of them. I had planed on the bad meal being on the 15th but I run into free food today so …….. I decide that would work, LOL. I love the fast junk foods and today we went into town to Carl’s and they where having a show for Tesla cars ( Electric) and they had lots of free food, so there you go! Now I have to be good till the end of the month 😦

Now that I have been bad I will have to do something good today to make up for it …………. You know once you have been bad it is just hard to go back, much be what happens to career criminals! LOL.

My friend wants to take another ride into town today so maybe I will remember to take the camera along. Quartzsite is starting to pick up a little bit now and will get more and more busy as it gets closer to January, when they have the Big Tent event. The Big Tent event is where there is a huge tent put up and then hundreds and hundreds of vendors come and set up booths inside with all kind of RV goodies, and a few other things. You can hardly walk around inside (or outside for that matter) it when all the action gets started, people everywhere!

I heard a dog barking, so I looked out the door and I seen one on my neighbors hitting a golf ball and then his dog would run after it and bring it back to him. LOL, I guess this is a good way to practice your golf and give the dog some exercise.

Night folks