Beautiful day coming down

Yes it is! My luck on weather for the last few weeks has been tops, nice warm days in the 80’s or so, and nights around 50, that’s my kind of weather. This beautiful morning and I am setting around in my chill-out-mode just taking it easy, enjoying the peace and serenity of the day.

My friend and I took a trip into Q and goofed off for a while, well at least that is what I did, he picked up his mail from the post office.

I got a call today from the New Mexico state park system wanting to know if I wanted to work next summer as a volunteer in one of the parks (I would be hosting). This coming summer just might work for me, I am thinking that I will do this. The place I would be volunteering is a place with great summer weather and very convenient to a small city, … so it sounds pretty good. I have the winter to think it over.  I started to volunteer last summer but the timing was not right, it was too late in the summer to get the needed paper work done.

Been a long time now since I workamped …………… should I? I think the place where they offered me the job has some very nice laid back folks running the place, and it would be a good place to work. We’ll think on it this winter.

Exercise off for today, got to rest the knees now and then.

Night folks