My friend hit the road

I have moved to Dome Rock Rd W Quartzsite, AZ 85346

My friend Barry hit the road this morning and I have moved closer to the city. The move was only a matter of a few miles but it will be far more handier for me.

This morning I took my walk first thing, about 3.5 miles or so. After coming back, I seen my friend off and moved myself. I will miss the hell out of my friend!  Good travels to you Barry!  My friend Barry likes to go a lot and we would go into the city everyday and sometimes we would go twice, without him around I will become more of a home body for sure. I will be able to go to Q now that I am in closer, but still, I won’t go near as much as I did with my friend.  I think for exercise I will be riding the bike a lot more after today because things are close enough to use it as transportation to go about the city. Of course I will only be here for 4 more days before I have to leave the 14 day camping area, but I will probably be back at some point this year.

OK folks, I have not look around my new area much so I think I will get out and do that now.
Update, looks like this could be a good walking area but I probably will not get around to doing much walking this time, but maybe my next visit.

Just got off the phone with my friend who left today and he had a little bad luck, flat tire while out on the interstate. That sucks.

Well, I’m settle in for now and all is well here. Tomorrow will be lazy Sunday and I don’t know what I will get into, maybe a bike ride around town. We’ll see.

Tonight I am done for, and with that I’ll said good night to you folks.