Back to good walks

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.75mi, time: 01:34:34, pace: 19:54min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.   The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

As you can see from above I took a good walk today. There are some mountains about 2 miles away so I walked over to the foot of them and back this morning. A fine walk. I fear one day in not so many years from now I won’t be able to walk like I do now and I will just hate that time when it comes. I so love to walk, and if my old body would let me I would walk even more than I do now. I guess the Grand Canyon walk may very well go down as my best and favorite walk of all times 🙂  I don’t know if I will be able to ever top that one.

New bird of the week, this is a Phainopepla and this picture was taken in Why AZ, in 07, my first year out Rving. I like this guy’s bright red eyes. I picked this bird to show today because I am seeing some of these birds in this area near my RV.

Phainopepla photo PhainopeplaM2.jpg

Out of boredom I decided to take a bike ride into town, just for something to do. I ended up riding about 5.5 miles which is just there and back. I still feel the need to do something …… maybe because it is near time to move on to somewhere else. I am sure I won’t go far but a move will be nice. Wednesday will be my last full day here in Q (Quartzsite AZ)  for a while, but I may come back after a couple of weeks ……… and maybe not, we’ll see.

Night folks