Pants and sweater required

Yep, that’s right I’m going to talk about the weather, LOL. The mornings have cooled to a point now that a pair of pants and a sweater feel like the right clothes to have on when getting the day started here in the southwest part of AZ. By the end of November one may feel like having them on all day but for now it is fine to change to shorts and t-shirt by noon. Needless to say I have became a fair weather person! I do just love the warmer weather anymore. I like the ideal of not using heat or air condition to stay comfortable, that is just the cats eye if you ask me. (Cats eye, is an old saying from my child hood referring to a beautiful thing or likeable thing .)

Today has turned out to be very overcast and cloudy 😦 “sun come back, my solar misses you” Looking at the forecast, it seems we’re to have a lot of that coming our way. Boo!

Today has been different for me and I’ll talk more about that at another time. So keep an eye out for some of that deep stuff that I come out with now and then, LOL. I am not up to getting deep today.

I have only did a very short walk for today, the knees are a bit fusses, so some slack is in order.

Night folks