Emotional day

That is what it was for me today. I have not seen any kin folks for over six years and today I visited with my Aunt Stella and cousin Rick and his wife Judy. They have lived here in Quartzsite for years. I will visit then more before leaving next spring. But tomorrow I must move away for a couple of weeks.

Why this is emotional for me? Well some things should just stay private, so they will, sorry. Family is hard sometimes. I will say it has nothing to do with the folks I visited today, it is the ones I left in KY. But today’s visit sure fired up my memories and emotions. Mind you, seeing kin folk is a good thing, and it was great seeing them. It is nice to have family in the area.

After my visit today I came back to the RV and took a long walk to calm myself a bit.

Enough silly nonsense about feeling things!

Today I heard on the news that people who eat nuts (of any kind) on a daily basis, live longer, hey that is me! I like nuts, maybe because I am a nut?!? LOL. Living longer, could be good, yes? It is great when you hear about something you do being good for you.

Thinking about where to go next, I have a few option ………….. Just ain’t sure. I think tomorrow I will only move just down the road and then I will think on it some more. If I stay near by it will save me money but there are things to see ………..!  I have decided that I will come back to the Quartzsite area in two weeks, so I won’t go real far.

Night folks