New Location

62500 Chiriaco Rd
Indio, CA 92201
My new Location

I did some damage to my solar panels today but hopefully it is not too bad. Some of my mounting bolts got loose on the way over to my new location.( my fault, I didn’t tighten them tight enough) I have been the fixing the damage most of the afternoon. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Lucky for me it is nothing I can’t fix. Hopeful that is so anyways, I will do some testing tomorrow. Also I will be adding some safety features to the panels.

That is what I get for letting myself get distracted. Got to get my head on right!

I’ll need a couple days to get back on track with the blog and catching up with you folks. Thanks to everyone for keeping up with me 🙂 I have seen my comments and I’ll get back to you guys soon.

This stop was not planned ……. Shoot, this move was not planned! Needless I am here, LOL. All is good, this is as good a place to be as anywhere else.

OK, I am going to keep it short tonight, so good night to you folks.