Joshua Tree National Park

Everything is still wet from all the rain yesterday so I may just give it a day or two to dry out. It rain a lot yesterday and everything got a good soaking.  The weatherman says, Today’s temperatures will be about mid 60s and the rest of the week about 70 or so. There is a good bit of humidity though and it sure feels colder than it really is, to me. I just don’t care for much humidity at all.

I guess the good news is, that even with all that rain I did not have any leaks so I must have  gotten the roof patched it up pretty well.

Going for a walk!

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 11.14mi, time: 06:07:22, pace: 32:59min/mi, speed: 1.82mi/h.
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A sweet walk it was! The lady that is the host of the camp ground and works in the Museum here is a great walker and we went together. I love walking even by myself but I must confess it was just a super joy to walk with this lady(Elaine), we had a great time 🙂 We walked to these two Oasis, very neat.

Pictures of the walk in Joshua Tree National Park. Click the images for larger pictures, or go here to see the set on Flickr, there is more pictures in the set. To give you an ideal how big these trees are the third picture over has Elaine in it, so you can see they are pretty big.



Night folks