Catching up

All the little things get behind when I have a major problem happen (like flipping solar panels), little things, that need done all the time, like windows, screens, batteries and other such things. The one thing I always manage to keep up on is exercise, a good thing.

This morning I had a short but exhilarating walk ……. :-!  Well the return was anyways, because I ran the last half mile! Now, I am not a runner, so why you ask? Well I took off for a short walk this morning to the other side of the interstate because I wanted to check out the BLM land that is over there. I was just cruising along at a nice leisurely pace enjoying the nice beautiful morning and then on my way back, I remembered, that I had put on tea water to heat up, and promptly forgot about it, and stepped out for a walk. Will needless to say when my brain turned back on and I remembered, I picked up the pace, LOL!

All was well when I got back, except my mind’s wondering of its well being : shock:  Anybody got any jellybeans? LOL. (For those that can’t catch that reference, it is referring to Ronald Reagan’s likeing of jelly beans when he was in the white house and later in life developing Alzheimer’s disease) A friend and I will often ask each other “you got any jellybeans?” when one of us forgets something, that we just shouldn’t forget. We don’t mean it in a bad way, but with good humor, like Ronald Reagan had about his Alzheimer’s disease when he first got it, he was once quoted saying the best thing about it was that he got to meet new friends everyday. Don’t care who you are, you got to love a person that can keep such great sense of humor when having such terrible disease.

Got a couple things done today. One was to get a load of water for the RV and the other was getting the batteries checked and water added as needed. There you go, little exercise and a couple of chores just about makes the day complete for a old dude …….. Only one thing left to do …..

The weather has been pretty fair, with a bit of clouds. The temperatures has been slightly below my liking but still okay. Now I can call this a full day …… Just had to have a little weather in here! LOL.

All is well, night folks.