Tools for Android

I have been using my tablet (Nexus 7) about 80% of the time anymore for my blogging and internet surfing and as I go along I gather more and more little tools to help out. Of course my favorite tool/app is the WordPress app ❗ Next are the tools that help me write, if you have read my blog much you know that writing is not my strong suit! The first tool is build in to all the mobile devices and that is speech recognition which would be hard for me to live without. I am the world’s worst speller and if I can’t spell it, I can pronounce it, sometimes pronounce it, if my heavy Southern drawl accent don’t get in the way, speech recognition is very helpful. As you see from reading my blog I don’t use big words but still I come across words I can’t spell and then, I will try to speak them and sometimes the tablet just don’t get my Southern drawl and will not recognize what it is that I am saying. Oh boy, when this happens it makes me angry after about ten tries and I will sometimes slip up and give it a good cursing, which of course the dang thing will recognize right off the bat and print it up on my screen! And then I will kind of look at it in surprise and wonder if I threw it hard enough if it would go through the window and outside! LOL! Thank goodness I have not give it a good pitch yet, and so those times turn into little breaks πŸ™‚

LOL, okay on with the tools! The next tool/app that I use is the Easy Text To Speech app on my Nexus 7 and on my computer I use Microsoft’s (SPA15 TTSAPP). The Easy Text To Speech app will speak what ever you copy to the clipboard. I use this to play back what I have written and that often helps me catch little mistakes (Not always). Another tool that is build into most devices now-a-days is the swiping keyboards, they work very well once you practice for a while. On my computer I use a clipboard manager (Ditto) to same my clips which comes in very handy. Today I installed a clipboard manager for the tablet called (Clipper) and I am going to give it a try, so far so good. One last tool that is build in to all the devices is the spell checker, I surely could not live without this.

If you are like me and simple ain’t no writer, but want/need to write something anyways, the above apps will help, I recommend them for all non-writers, that are going to try writing anyways.

It is turkey day one of 2013, so happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating the day.
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Exercise; I took a pretty fair walk today with the park host (Elaine) (maybe 3 miles round trip)Β  and we plan to have one more big walk, maybe up the same canyon,Β It is definitely worth seeing more than once. It is nice to have a walking friend while here at Chiriaco.Β I am glad that I ended up staying here at Chiriaco and not at the Cottonwood exit. I got someone to walk with, the truck stop is handy for little things, I have a place to get water for the RV and there is plenty of places to walk very near by. All these little things are making my stay more pleasant.

Okay it is time for the weather …… πŸ™‚Β Β  didn’t think you was going to escape that did you? It is cool, the new slimmer me don’t much like this cooler temperature but there is not much to be done about it. It is surprising how much a 100 pound weight loss can change your weather preference 😯 It is really not all that bad, but I like trying to live without heat and it is just not working out here, the evenings get a bit cool so I fire up the heater for 2 to 3 hours in the evening. The heater is turned off when it is bed time and once I am off to bed, I am good to go because I just pull on more cover if I get cold. The colder weather makes me sleep-in too, I just don’t much want to get out of bed when it is cold. I often peek through the window shade to see how high the sun is 😈 before getting up.

Night folks