Apps and battery power

Either the weather is a tad warmer or I am getting use to the cooler weather, either way it feels better today 🙂  It is warmer.

Tomorrow the host (Elaine) and I, have decided to take a walk and we are just going to wing it. It will more than likely be a nice long walk.

I hope that it is as nice tomorrow as today because I am loving the weather today. Haven’t even had to put on my sweater today. When I get back to Quartzsite I think I will pick up an extra propane tank, the weather is going to cool off far more than I like and I’ll be needing some heat 😦  Having an extra tank of propane on hand will be reassuring.

This area has many boon-docking opportunities, there is BLM land all around, not to mention the area I am in is nice too. I kind of like it here where I am best though, because the truck stop is handy to have around for little things and it gives me a place to go visited  and people watch now and then, just for something to do.

Today has been nice and sunny and I am glad to see it. My solar is purring alone just fine and the batteries are putting away the power for the evening. Just the way it should work out here in the wild west 🙂 where there is lots of sunshine.

About battery power and apps on your device/devices …… If you use any app that measures battery consumption use of other apps, it will worry you some that your favorite apps are the power eaters, LOL. For me it is avast and Beautiful Widgets(which may be kind of dated) that are sucking down lots of my battery, about 30% total. Of course, also in the top 4 are android’s own system software, one the keyboard (I do a lot of swiping on it 🙂  ) and two, is the system ui  itself. I could take out both Beautiful Widgets and avast but I like them both whether I need them or not, and I get by with my battery good enough. It is interesting to know these things though. Anybody know of a weather/clock app that does well on power consumption?  I am sure there are tons of clock apps that don’t use much power but the weather apps may use more seeing as they got to check in more often. However I am looking. LOL, this is what I do when I get too much time on my hands.

Okay, night folks.