Walk and a app

Took me a walk this morning and I am waiting to see just how the knee feels about it all! Felt good to be out and about.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.63mi, time: 01:41:19, pace: 21:52min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h.

There are some mountains about 2 miles away ……. I didn’t get to climb in them but I at least made it to the base of the mountain πŸ™‚ Man I hope the knee don’t fuss too much.

The weather is tops today, sunny and warm, my kind of weather.

Just found me a great app! Another one of these things ” Google why ain’t this a default feature?” LOL. The app is
. This is one of those apps that make you wonder why it is not part of the android system to start with. If you are an android user and switch between apps a lot like I do, I recommend you give this one a try.

Going backwards on one thing that I try to accomplish most of the time and that is to run as least background apps as possible. Text to speech app , Avast security , Clipper clipboard, Adblock plus and now Siwpepad are all apps running in the background. One of these days I will figure out which way I am going!

Hey ……. I guess it is almost a new year, so a big Happy New Years to everyone, May all your Resolutions be yours to command πŸ™‚

Night folks

Parker Dam

Beautiful day. Warm and sunshine πŸ™‚Β Β  I like it.

Yesterday we visit Parker Dam that is known to be the ” deepest dam on the world” with 235 feet below water. The dam is use to from Lake Havasu and generate electric power.

As I said yesterday, my friend had not seen the London bridge so we took a ride into Lake Havasu. I had visit it before here is a link to that visit, with pictures.
Here are some pictures from yesterday. Couple shots at the Lake Havasu

Two shots of the Parker Dam
Parker Dam2_0802
Parker Dam_0801
Deepest Dam_0798

My friend hit the road to Yuma today, we had a great visit.

My first post, back on 07. Hard to believe that much time has passed, but it has.

Here is the new bird for the week. This is a Brown Headed Cowbird and the pictures was taken in KY a long time ago.
Blackbird, Brown Headed Cowbird photo cbp.jpg

Night folks

Road trip

It is cool and windy today. My friend(Bruce) and I have plans to run the roads today, maybe up around the Parker area. It is not really cold but it is chilly, especially with the wind blowing as it is. Long pants and a sweater, for sure today.

Update 7pm: Big road trip for today, Parker and Lake Havasu, had a good time. I may have some pictures I will post in a day or so. We stop at the London Bridge which my friend had not seen and we stopped at the Parker Dan. More tomorrow.

No exercise today.

Night folks

A bit of a chill

Yep, the weather starts the blog today πŸ™‚ The last three days have been my favorite kind of days, T-shirt and shorts temperatures but today it is back to long pants and a sweat shirt.

I spent the day visiting with my friend, fun day. Here is an overhead shot of the RV, this picture taken with my friends GoPro Camera and his flying machine.

Night folks

Me and the Knee

Some days I find myself meandering through life, I look up at the clock and the day is gone.

Well I wrote the above line about 2pm and now it is 5pm ……….. yes I am wasting away the day for sure. I sometimes have those kinds of days. I have spent a lot of time browsing the net today.

One of the things I have looked for today is a way to copy and paste from any app I have, with my android devices, but I have not found a way to do that. For an example, I would like to copy from dictionary.com(the app) but that app will not let me do that. Why? Who knows. I find it irritating the copy/paste is not fully integrated into android, regardless of what app you’re using . However android lets app developers choose whether this option works or not. Worried that somebody might lose a dollar on some silly copyright I guess.

No problem, I just changed dictionary, I now use Merriam-Webster. This still don’t help me to copy in any app, but it will this app anyways! So now, if I pronounce a word using the voice feature I can then copy and paste it to where I like. I know, I know it would be a fine opportunity to learn to spell that word 😯 but I like the fast road sometimes. Also I know I could just use voice to put it into whatever I am writing but I like to see it first and read the meaning before pasting it in, as you know I am not all that good with words, best to be sure.

No exercise today 😦   I have a little fear now ……… that the knee may be pushing me into a new reality, but ….. I am still holding out hope. When I blew my real knee about 10 or 12 years ago it felt a lot like this. I worry with it, only being 4 years this February, that I got the new knee replacement. Although I have worked it hard I would hope it holds longer than this! Like I said I am holding out hope on it, even if I do feel like I have given it a lot of rest already. I will be patient, take it ease and give it more time. Man, I miss my nice long walks!

Night folks

Playing with the apps

Yesterday afternoon I started playing with the android keyboards. The Nexus comes with the android keyboard of course and I had the Swiftkey keyboard (a keyboard I purchased a long time ago) and yesterday I brought the Swype keyboard($2.00) so now I have three to play with πŸ™‚ Each one seems to have one or two things I like that the others don’t have. Wish I could pick and choose which features that I like out of them all. So far I think I am liking the Swype keyboard best.

Good news, I will have a friend dropping by this weekend for a visit, always good to see friend.

I took a little trip into Blythe, CA today to pick up a little food. The cost of living is getting to be a problem for me 😦 Thing are just too costly any more. While I was out I got some water for the RV.

Again today there will be no exercise 😦 healing the knee is a slow process.

I do very little for the holidays but as I read around on others blog and see that many are just busting with joy, I can’t help but to smile as I read about their fun and excitement of the holidays.

Night folks

Truck maintenance

Today I changed the oil in my truck, a thing that had needed done for a while now. It is a job I hate but it has to be done, now and then. Changed the fuel filter too. Good day for chores πŸ™‚Β  and my truck had a merry Christmas with it’s fresh new oil!

I will not walk today, so said the knee : shock:Β  but that is okay it is Christmas so I can take the day off, I guess.

I hope everyone got the things that they most wanted for Christmas, whether it be a new car, the love of your life or just good times with friends and family!

Night folks

Merry Christmas

Another nice day coming down πŸ™‚ it is a fine Christmas Eve. I am enjoying my new location so much better than the last one.

A good walk today! Well, a good walk considering my puny walks of late : shock: Now I just hope the knee don’t make a big fuss over it. I added a little stretching both before and after the walk. Between the stretching and resting of the knee, I think it is slowly getting better.
////////// /////// /////////// /////////
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.39mi, time: 01:16:05, pace: 22:26min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.
The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.
///////// /////// //////// ///////////

Tomorrow is Christmas, happy holiday everyone.
 photo MerryXmass_0783_zps89145d02.jpg

 photo arg-santa-chimney-rev-url.gif

Merry Christmas

Another move

The chilly months are here. I think December, January and February are the cooler months of the year here in the southwest of Arizona, as it is in the rest of the US, and it is the time of the year that I like least. Just don’t like that cooler weather 😦 I think the cold makes me a bit of a Scrooge, LOL! In all fairness the days are really nice, just the nights and the morning that are a little cool.

I have moved to a new spot and I like it better. I was not crazy about the one I was just in. If you don’t mind driving about a mile on a gravel road, the place I just left did have some good spots. The places that where still on the black top (in the area I was parked) where not ideal RV spots and I don’t much care for gravel roads. Here I have only a 1/4 mile of gravel road to drive, to get to the RV and I like that better. I need to get all my location stuff on the blog updated, past stops and what-nots. Maybe tonight … Maybe πŸ™‚
Note; I did get my location links updated.

Added a small walk to my day, maybe a mile or two, also did a little stretching. Both the walk and the stretching where done kind of slow and easy, for the benefit of the knee 😦 .

Night folks


About my new boon-docking spot, not the best but it’ll do for now. One, there are a few shady looking characters around; two, there is a good bit of trash lying around and three, the interstate is really close by. This morning I took a little ride and found what looks to me like a lot better spot, about 5 miles up the road. I may move there, but I may give this place a day or two to grow on me. Good points on this place is that it is near most things an RVer may need, water, dump, truck stop (truck stops have things that are handy) and a couple small stores. However 5 miles away is not to far away from such facilities, so the option of moving is at hand while still staying near where I want to be for now. For now I don’t know of much to see in the area. Bottom line, I would not recommend a stay here, unless you just need a place to stay, which I do till about the 15th of next month, however there are other options, which I may use.

Playing with new apps on the nexus 7 now that I am rooted. Greenify, ROM manager, ROM toolbox, Root Explorer and Titanium backup are some of my favorites. Mind you, this is not to say I know what I am doing with them, LOL, just playing :-). Another thing I have done is to regain my flash player, by side loading it. It was a hacked version, but it works πŸ˜‰ . Yep, if I was smart enough I would surely be a geek, LOL.

New bird. When I lived in a house I would put out bird feeders andΒ  the last place I lived the European Starlings would flock by the 1000s and if you had out a suet feeder they would clean it out in no time, so I would make these feeders where the bird had to hang upside down to eat and the birds I wanted to see where very good at it. Here is a Downy Woodpecker enjoying a meal.
 photo Dwood.jpg

I walked only a mile or so today and did a little stretching.

Night folks