Last walk

Ready for my walk. We will take off here in a bit and after two days of not doing much I am raring to go. I miss my exercise when I don’t do it but I did need the rest, the old knees where not happy with me and they may not be after today either. But I do like a long walk now-and-then. It is cool this morning and overcast but I am going in my t-shirt and shorts anyway and hope it warms up pretty quick. If it don’t warm up I guess I’ll be walking a little faster, LOL.

I’ll map this walk with my app MapMyWalk, and post it when I get back, I am hoping to get in at least ten miles, but we’ll see.
///////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 11.27mi, time: 07:49:11, pace: 41:38min/mi, speed: 1.44mi/h.
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There where a few very hard miles in this walk, lots of climbing.

Here is a shot from today’s walk, my walking friend (Elaine) is in there, can you see her?  The size of things out here don’t have justice done to it by these pictures. Here is the link to my
Joshua Tree National Park set and the last 6 are new. Link to Photo Stream, same pictures, first 6.

Night folks

P.S. new bird tomorrow.