I am debating when it is that I will hit the road, today, tomorrow? Not sure, let us see how things feel as the day goes. Maybe I’ll start putting away a few things and see how that feels LOL. I can’t just plan something ….. The notion to do it has got to be right, got to have the urge!

Update: I did get the urge here is my new location. When = today 🙂

I got a couple of things done after getting here, one; I picked up a new vent for my RV and replaced the broken one, and two; I broke over and brought a propane tank so now I have an extra one again. With the cold weather coming it will be good to have the spare tank. I kept waiting to run into a deal but I had no luck on that 😦 I am sure now that I have one I will find them all over the place! LOL. Also today I went online and paid my bills for the month, that is always fun ……….. not!!!

The trip to Joshua Tree was a nice little trip and was something different to do, now what?

Tomorrow I need to do a few chores, like my laundry and maybe look around for some good plywood to finish the solar panel job.

Here is the new bird of the week, this is a young Blue Jay and the picture was taken in KY.

Night folks

Blue Jay