Little walk

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.57mi, time: 55:20, pace: 21:33min/mi, speed: 2.78mi/h.
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Well I have done a few chores and a little exercise, what more could a day demand? Some of life’s older parts are good 😛 I surely have other things I could be doing but I see no hurry.
For chores, I did my laundry …….. Well I guess that is about all the chores I’ve done, I told you life was good, right? Exercise was a short walk today, just over two and half miles and that is enough for today.

I may take a ride into Q later today and look around for a thing or two I need for the RV. That is with the truck, not the bike.

On the weather ……. 😉 The wind is starting to pick up a little and I am betting this is the leading edge of the colder temperatures to come later this week. Looking at the monthly averages the temperatures are going to be way below their normal for the next week or so. Some cold snaps are expected here this time of year, we’ll just have to put up with it and wait for that nice warm weather we like so much to come back, the weather we are here for 😉 Mean while today is a fine day, a little wind but the temperature is great.

Night folks