It is cold this morning, as expected. This kind of weather makes me think about going to Mexico for the winter. The day is bright with lots of sunshine so at least it has a nice look to it 🙂  even if it does feel a bit chilly. Mind you folks, I know in the big picture this is not cold at all, but for here it is chilly.

I took a little stroll this morning and took some pictures while I was out. I added 10 photos to the Quartzsite set. They will be the first ones in the set till I add more.

If you go to the set you will see these pictures or just click them here  // Fiber, there is a fiber cable running through the area and I wish I could connect to it 🙂   // In walk7 picture you can see my RV // walk6 picture is some rocks on top a small hill that have lots of color to them //walk 4 and walk5 just fun to look at // Quartzsite, you can see Quartzsite in the center of the picture, it is not very big // walk3, again you can see my RV // walk2 and the looking up shots are just more fun.  //  Here is one of the looking up shots 😉
looking up_0742

The Saguaro Cactus, like the one above and below, are here in this area but not too many of the big ones like you may see in other parts of the state. The one above is here and is maybe 20 feet, the one below was taken in Maricopa and it was at least 40 feet high. They are kind of a neat plant and can be really big, up to 40 to 60 feet. I have been around the Maricopa County, AZ area where they are huge. The Cactus Wren just love them. This picture is a few years old that I took in Maricopa.

Hey, I was looking up then too 🙂  I am a birder sometimes and I like looking up!

Night folks