Staying warm

Staying warm looks like it will be my gold for the next week or so, at least in the evenings and nights, the days are still pretty nice. 7pm update; The chill of the evening is on and the Wave 8 heater is keeping me toasty 🙂

Today my knee is acting up pretty bad, the worst in a long time. Not sure what I have done, maybe over did things on the exercise side, or maybe the stretching that I have added back just lately, is not setting well with it. Some pretty sharp pains with it today. I sure hope this passes! Should my knee give out now, it sure would take a lot out of my life! I will be laying off of it in ever way ……. no exercise or stretching for a few days 😦 and hope it gets better.

Just hanging out sure makes the day go slow, I want to go walking but I best not 😦

Hanging out at the RV today I seen this coyote pass by, but it kept a fair distance. I would have love to gotten a closer shot, but it was not having that person with the clicking thing come any nearer! LOL

Night folks