Wind and cold

OK, looks like you guys have something over a week to listen to me fuss about the weather, so you all can hope with me that it gets better soon and I can stop fussing and you won’t have to hear me fuss about it  😯 !  Wind and cold is not a combination of things that I like,  because RVs are not the tightest sealed things around and the cold air gets in. The cool air seems to come right though the walls. Can’t wait for this little cold snap to get pass. Brrrrrrrr, I say!

I feel like putting on a coat and hat and going for a good long walk but the knee says, “no”. I will have to obey 😦 I just hate it when my body parts tell me what to do! LOL.

These days that are cold and I’m not exercising, makes for long slow days for me, too much time to think. When I am walking I seem to think about things that I like and when I am doing nothing I think about things I don’t like as much.  So you see, when you exercise even your thinking is healthier, LOL!

The wind is rocking my RV again today. I don’t mind the wind so much today while it is warmer but later on tonight I will feel its cool bite. Lucky for now it don’t seem to have a lot of dust in it. Lots of places here in the southwest when you have this much wind it will always be full of dust and it is not so bad here for now. It will probably get worst here come about January because there will be so many folks here loosening the ground up with all their RVs and other vehicles. The four-wheelers are the worst, (lots of folks have four-wheelers)  they are just dust making machines. But hey, this is just all part of the fun here at Quartzsite, AZ this time of year.

Didn’t get far from the RV today. Sticky Quartz?  🙂
sticky quarts_0761

If you didn’t know by the name of the place, there is just tons of common Quartz laying around this place.

Night folks