Wandering Soul

Evening 12-8-13
Man oh man, these evenings are starting to get colder! Looks like we are going to have some freezing weather for a few nights, not looking forward to that. I got the Wave 8 turned to high and I am glad it is doing its job. Dang cold weather.

Morning 12-9-13
Crap, it is to cool! Looks like I will be running my heater during the day for the rest of the week, cold and more cold 😦   The older I get the more cold weather bugs me. I am also sure this cold is not helping my old rusty joints either. Okay, enough fussing about the weather, I feel better now!

The next sore subject …….. Yes there is more ( Hey us old dudes got to have something to go on about, yes? ) and it is the knee, still not right, so I will rest it again today. I may just not walk for the week and when I do go it will be a short test walk to see how the knee will react. That won’t be today. I want to go walking anyways but I won’t …………. I sure miss it.

A list, I see lots of list of things in other blogs and I have notice that I have just got to read them when I see them. So here is one from me.

Note: Not everyone can have the choice of full-time RVing, because they have jobs and life’s that keep them where they are but for those that do.

Ten good and/or bad things about    ……..  House vs RV full-time living ……………..

1. Doing maintenance; I never-never mow the grass 🙂  A RV has maintenance that needs to be attended to but not as much as a house. If you rent you just pay for the maintenance in a different way.

2. In a house you can have friends that are always there, maybe next door. In an RV you can make new friends ever time you move. On the other hand …………….. If you are in a house and have a …. lets say undesirable neighbor … you are stuck with them but if you are in an RV it takes so little time to move, there is no such thing as a bad neighbor!  While RVing I have made friends with other RVers that I see very often as we cross paths a good bit, so I still have …. full-time friends that I see often while living in a RV 🙂

3. Stores, shopping and  (maintenance that needs to be done by others) , if you live in one place you know where all the good deals are and such and you know who/what to stay away from. In a RV you constantly have new choices in many things but you may not know who you are dealing with if you need repairs done.

4. In a house you are always ensured of the familiar which can be safe but boring. In in RV there is always something new but unknown, fun but scary?

A little background for this next one. Ways to RV,

a) You can have both a house and a RV and this is what most do.

b) You can just have a RV like me, and a few thousands more folks.

I am going to speak to having only one, which of course for me, is a RV.

5. Cost, for me is very cheap to live in a RV vs a house. The cost of living in a house or a RV all depends on how you go about things. It is likely that if you have a hard time with money staying in a house, you will have a hard time with money living in a RV, and I think if you do good with your money in a house you will do fine in a RV. What does it cost to live in an RV? ……………. I see folks living in RVs that have only 5 or 6 hundred dollars a month income(some less than that, I am sure) and I see folks that obviously have millions. I have never met a person that says they have more than enough money (me included)  but still here in the US, I don’t recall the last time I seen someone that looked like they where not getting enough to eat. So in the end, no matter the cost you’ll get by with what you got, just like people all over the world. If you want to come out and RV full-time just do it, you’ll be as well-off as you are now, MY OPINION.  Now if I just had a little more money ……………… LOL.

6. With a RV you have many options as to where you live within its limitation (example, you probably don’t want to try RVing in Alaska in January). A house can be only one place, a RV can be wherever you take it. If you have read only two or three post of mine, you know that I like to be where the weather is nice! LOL.

7. Some times it is the silliest little things one might miss the most. For me it is a washer and dryer! You can’t have a very good one in a RV for the most part. I have seen some folks that pull big trailers behind big motor homes that have a full size washer and dryer in them, but I am not in the income level 😦   You can fit rigs like mine with small units but they are not very good. However I have adjusted to going to the laundry mats, and all is well.

8. Hobbies, Some of the hobbies that I have are enhanced while RVing like birding and photographing while other like computers may not be better but still doable. The traveling says it all, for the first two(really good) but with computers now-a-days you need to be connected to the internet and that is somewhat of a problem while on the road unless you just have tons of money to throw at it. Here in the US you can get much better connection and deals if you are where you can hook up to some kind of wire on a permanent bases, can’t do that in an RV.

9. Staying fit, Exercise is something that can go both ways. One if you walk or ride a bike a lot like I do, than traveling in a RV just gives you new and fun places to do those things. On the other hand if you like going to the gym or swimming than those things will be harder if not impossible.

10. Full time RVing fits best with a wandering soul, it is not for those that has to have complete stability.

There is my first list ……….. Oh mine ……….. it was so good! LOL! Something to do on a cold day while having a sore knee!

OK, this post is too long, so I will stop now.

Night folks