Hillbilly John?

I moved the RV about half mile today, because I was hoping to get a little better TV reception on my over the air antenna ….. No luck. Some areas just are not great for TV reception, but that’s okay, I can do fine without it. I do like to watch the news sometimes but the rest of it, I can take or leave.

Wow, we are getting a little rain, wasn’t expecting that. I doubt that it will amount to much.

I am going for another list! I was raised in the hills of KY and I still carry a lot of the language with me and today’s list is going to be Hillbilly words that I still use. If we ever met the first thing you would noticed about me is that I have a deep Southern drawl. Here is a list of words I still use ……. ūüôā

1. Y’all= you all.¬†¬†¬†¬† Yes I still use it all the time and I think it is a great word!
2. Matoes= Tomatoes. Pretty much the way I still use it.
3. Taters= potatoes. I don’t eat them taters no more, but I do speak of them now and again.
4. Hollow (pronounced Holler) = Valley surrounded by mountains. Just this summer I was talking with someone and I was telling him that I like walking in the holler beyond the camp ground, they got a kick out of that, LOL. I use this one all the time.
5. Holler = yelling. I say this one the same way as 4 above. I might say “Hey Joe, holler over yonder and tell Bob to come on.”
6. Plum =¬† no not a fruit from a tree,¬†¬† plum = complete.¬† I would say “that job is plum done.” Or maybe “he is plum nuts”
7. Crik= Creek.  Us hillbillies  like our words a little shorter.
8.¬†Piece = An unspecified distance¬†¬† not many use the word this way but I may say, ” over that way a piece”
9.¬†borned = past tense of born. ” my dad was borned way back there”
10. Dag nab it Or Doggone it = expressed frustration  or surprise

A couple of words I miss pronounce.

Tar = tire¬†¬† “my tar went flat!”
Flair = flower. “While I was out, I picked a flair for you”

Now for a real treat, should we every meet be sure to ask me to take you Snipe huntin!¬† ūüėȬ† for those that have been Snipe huntin don’t tell the secret!

There are no exaggerations in the above, I really do speak like that. There are many more but I’ll hold back a bit ūüôā¬†¬† I once worked with this lady and she started a list of words that I speak differently, and after about a month it was quite long, LOL.

If one can’t laugh at ones self ‚Ķ all in good fun!

I am still holding off on exercise, maybe Sunday or Monday I will try a little walk. The knee is feeling better but still not just right.
Night folks