Blogging according to me!

Ha, nothing makes this old dude happier than to see signs of warmer weather! It’s a’comin soon, thank goodness! The weatherman says warmer temperatures starting about Sunday and I so look forward to it.

About writing a blog, according to me.
The best thing about writing a blog and not being a writer is … Well you see since I just kind of scribble incoherently I never, never have to worry about that thing they call writers block, note; this is an excellent plus when you are trying to write a blog 😉 Most importantly since I am not a writer I don’t have to be correct by not talking about the same things over and over, so my favorite subjects are always open to me. It’s okay, I’m not going back into the weather anymore today (Ain’t you just lucky now?). I think that one of the things that helps me , is on some days when time is short or I am not feeling the sharing thing I can make a very short post and move on. One of my favorite things about reading others blog’s is that they have something to say, on a regular basis, so I can look forward to reading it when it is time. Don’t have to be everyday or every week, but I like it when it is consistent. This is one of the reasons I write everyday, the reader knows I will have something there to read (the other reason is personal, and that is I am keeping a record of my RVing life for me to look back at one day) . I try to keep my post short, because when I read others blogs I am not looking for a book but just a short ideal of what is happening in their life. (Just me, maybe I have a short attention span?) LOL. There are exceptions, I read one blog where the person is writing a book, but it is usually not that long of a post to read.

When I started blogging I really didn’t think I would get any better at writing but I have improved just a tad maybe. So at this ripe old age I am still learning a lot about grammar and writing in general, and it is sure not because I am putting a lot of conscious effort into it. It is just kind of happening, by doing. LOL, for those of you thinking “What, he actually wrote worst than this at one time” just go back into my blog a few years and you’ll see it is so 😦

The biggest and best thing about it all, is that I have begun to really enjoy doing this silly blog, and if there is a few out in the cyber world that enjoys this blog, bless you and thanks for reading along!

Okay enough about blogging, now back to the weather ….. No, I am just kidding! But it sure is pretty outside …………… 🙂

I have a few things to do around the RV when I get to them. One is the roof work, finishing the repairs of the solar panel’s mounts and two, is the always ongoing type of things like battery maintenance, air pressure in the tires, cleaning around the outside and other such little jobs. It will all still be there when it is nice and warm 😯 .

The knee is still feeling kind of funky and I won’t know the full story till I take that first walk in the next couple of days to give it a good test. It is a replacement knee and to tell the truth I don’t know if they heal like a real knee might or not, I am just a tad worry with it, but we’ll see soon enough.

Enough chit-chat for today, night folks.