Blogging in a small Screen

This morning I am at the local McDonalds enjoying a cold drink, people watching and blogging. I am also being reminded that the keyboard on the old Thunderbolt smart phone that I carry around for data use is so much smaller than my tablet. I have not try to use the phone to blog any for a very long time. I would replace this phone if it was not too costly, I would just love to have the new Nexus 5, but at the price of $400.00 that is not going to happen. I don’t even use the phone part of the Thunderbolt anymore, I just carry it around for data over WiFi connection, for times like now. I have looked around for a data only device that is small enough to carry in my pocket but I have no luck finding one I like. There is the iPod, but a 4 inch screen don’t work for me, just too small. I would like something with a screen size of about 5.5 to 6 inchs, that would be tight for the pocket but it would work and it would give me a little bigger screen to navigate around. I don’t guess it’s no big deal, because I don’t do a lot while I am out and about anyways.

Back at the rig, good to have the tablet back in hand 🙂 . A 7 inch screen is much better than a 4.3 screen.

Okay let’s get on to the good stuff ….. Weather! Okay I won’t go on forever but I just got to tell you it is getting so much nicer with much better temperatures. The sunshine just warms my heart.

Man, I have missed my exercise! The knee still feels just a bit out of whack but I may try a small walk tomorrow, not sure just yet and kind of think maybe I should give the knee a bit more time. If I do walk, it will be a short walk of no more than 2 miles, but we’ll see.

A fellow RVer that I know (Tom) came by to say hello. Always good to see someone I know.

Night folks