Chores, tech and other nonsense

Today will be another nice day of warmer weather, nice. Just love these warm days.

About rooting the Nexus 7, I have decided to wait a bit on that. Rooting will cause a complete data loss and I’ll am not ready to do all that resetting just now. If I had unlocked my Nexus when I got it than I could have rooted without the reset, but I didn’t. Should I ever update to the second version of the Nexus 7, I will unlock it first thing.

I picked up a load of water today for the RV and added about 25 gallons to fill the fresh water tank. I use less than 5 gals a day and I am pretty generous with my use of water. I think one could get by on about 3 gallons a day, at least I could if it was necessary.

Exercise will not be happening today, the knee just needs a little more time to rest. If the knee feels pretty good tomorrow maybe I’ll take a slow birding walk and see how that feels. I did do some stretching today to see if that would have any effect on it and I’ll know if it does, or not, by tomorrow morning. I know when the knee starting giving me trouble it was right after I started stretching again, so this is a test to see if that is what got things going the wrong way. I do think the cause was that I just over did things, but we’ll see. I was having too much fun 🙂

I did my maintenance on the house batteries today. Now that the batteries are older I keep a pretty good watch on them. Next winter will be the time to replace them, but I will nurse them along for this winter.

This winter, I have noticed that I had a little bit of grey tank smell getting into my RV, so I have added a cyclone vent to the roof of the RV and it seems to be doing a great job because I no longer have that smell. I have hauled the cyclone vent around for about 4 years now, LOL. I had the smell problem before but it went away. I think it may come from the tanks not being properly rinsed, and that can happen when you do a lot of boon-docking. When you are hooked up you can take the time to run lots of water through the tanks and keep them nice and flushed out. When hooked up I use lots of water so they just stay flushed by themselves but boon-docking I try to use very little water and so there not much rinsing happening. I have only been hooked-up for about a week in the last year and a half. When at dump station you don’t have the time you need to give them a good rinsing and you are not at dump stations that often if you boon-dock as much as I. No matter, I got it worked out.

Night folks