More chores

Today was laundry day, it has been a while, I had a couple good size loads. Dishes and laundry, never done!

Without my walks or bike rides I am just a little board. Hopefully I can soon get back to some kind of exercise. If you have a thing that takes an hour or two of your day and then it is gone all of a sudden ….. It sure messes with your day’s time- schedule. It is like a big hole in my day.

There has been a bit of clouds in the days of late, I don’t like it 😦 I want my sunshine, now! LOL. I can’t fuss to hard because the temperatures have been just the best, over the last few days. As a matter of fact I have worn T-shirts and shorts for the last two days, and that is my kind of temperatures 🙂 Looking over the ten-day forecast the weatherman says a little cooler for the weekend but back warmer next week. Sounds good.

The last three mornings have had beautiful sunrises but I have only watched them from the comfort of my bed : shock: The sunset on the other hand have not been as nice. Maybe this is mother nature’s way of telling me to get up and enjoy the mornings, but I sure enjoy snuggling in the covers on the cool mornings and staying warm. Hey, the sunrise looks nice out the window too!

Evening update: Ha, as luck would have it we had a beautiful sunset this evening. Maybe a picture or two in the next few days.

Night folks