No (app ops starter)

Remember the other day when I spoke of my app (app ops starter)? Well don’t look like I will get that back without rooting. Here if a link about it. No app ops starter for me. I hope they bring it back, it is the one app that may cause me to root my tablet.

Took a short 2 mile walk, we’ll see how it goes on the knee. Had a little pain as I walked.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.19mi, time: 49:56, pace: 22:48min/mi, speed: 2.63mi/h.
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The day has slowly cooled off as the cooler temperatures are about to set in for the weekend. Boo, for colder weather 😦

Moving time is getting nearer, and I am still thinking I won’t go far. We’ll see. I may leave a day early, I am ready to go.

Night folks