I took the plunge and unlocked the Nexus 7, and I will root it later today. Just putting all my apps back on now and getting things set back up the way I like them. It seems to be running a little quicker now that everything has reinstall. Nothing like a factory reset for Android.

Update 30 minutes later; I am now rooted! Okay now back too getting things set up and adding some root apps 🙂 .

I now have access to Google app ops, 🙂 and a whole bunch of other goodies that being root allows. We’ll play more with the new stuff later. I have most everything back in place, such as apps and the like. Many things will just get done when I need to use whatever it is.
Took another small walk and I have an ice bag on the knee now.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 42:14, pace: 19:40min/mi, speed: 3.05mi/h.
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Not sure how many these little walks I can take before the knee says no to them too. We’ll see. I did not do any stretching today been too busy playing with the tablet.

I put a few new pictures in my set at Flickr. Here is one of them and all the white rocks you see in the fore ground is common quartz. This evening had a nice red sunset.

Night folks