About my new boon-docking spot, not the best but it’ll do for now. One, there are a few shady looking characters around; two, there is a good bit of trash lying around and three, the interstate is really close by. This morning I took a little ride and found what looks to me like a lot better spot, about 5 miles up the road. I may move there, but I may give this place a day or two to grow on me. Good points on this place is that it is near most things an RVer may need, water, dump, truck stop (truck stops have things that are handy) and a couple small stores. However 5 miles away is not to far away from such facilities, so the option of moving is at hand while still staying near where I want to be for now. For now I don’t know of much to see in the area. Bottom line, I would not recommend a stay here, unless you just need a place to stay, which I do till about the 15th of next month, however there are other options, which I may use.

Playing with new apps on the nexus 7 now that I am rooted. Greenify, ROM manager, ROM toolbox, Root Explorer and Titanium backup are some of my favorites. Mind you, this is not to say I know what I am doing with them, LOL, just playing :-). Another thing I have done is to regain my flash player, by side loading it. It was a hacked version, but it works 😉 . Yep, if I was smart enough I would surely be a geek, LOL.

New bird. When I lived in a house I would put out bird feeders and  the last place I lived the European Starlings would flock by the 1000s and if you had out a suet feeder they would clean it out in no time, so I would make these feeders where the bird had to hang upside down to eat and the birds I wanted to see where very good at it. Here is a Downy Woodpecker enjoying a meal.
 photo Dwood.jpg

I walked only a mile or so today and did a little stretching.

Night folks