Another move

The chilly months are here. I think December, January and February are the cooler months of the year here in the southwest of Arizona, as it is in the rest of the US, and it is the time of the year that I like least. Just don’t like that cooler weather 😦 I think the cold makes me a bit of a Scrooge, LOL! In all fairness the days are really nice, just the nights and the morning that are a little cool.

I have moved to a new spot and I like it better. I was not crazy about the one I was just in. If you don’t mind driving about a mile on a gravel road, the place I just left did have some good spots. The places that where still on the black top (in the area I was parked) where not ideal RV spots and I don’t much care for gravel roads. Here I have only a 1/4 mile of gravel road to drive, to get to the RV and I like that better. I need to get all my location stuff on the blog updated, past stops and what-nots. Maybe tonight … Maybe 🙂
Note; I did get my location links updated.

Added a small walk to my day, maybe a mile or two, also did a little stretching. Both the walk and the stretching where done kind of slow and easy, for the benefit of the knee 😦 .

Night folks