Playing with the apps

Yesterday afternoon I started playing with the android keyboards. The Nexus comes with the android keyboard of course and I had the Swiftkey keyboard (a keyboard I purchased a long time ago) and yesterday I brought the Swype keyboard($2.00) so now I have three to play with 🙂 Each one seems to have one or two things I like that the others don’t have. Wish I could pick and choose which features that I like out of them all. So far I think I am liking the Swype keyboard best.

Good news, I will have a friend dropping by this weekend for a visit, always good to see friend.

I took a little trip into Blythe, CA today to pick up a little food. The cost of living is getting to be a problem for me 😦 Thing are just too costly any more. While I was out I got some water for the RV.

Again today there will be no exercise 😦 healing the knee is a slow process.

I do very little for the holidays but as I read around on others blog and see that many are just busting with joy, I can’t help but to smile as I read about their fun and excitement of the holidays.

Night folks