Me and the Knee

Some days I find myself meandering through life, I look up at the clock and the day is gone.

Well I wrote the above line about 2pm and now it is 5pm ……….. yes I am wasting away the day for sure. I sometimes have those kinds of days. I have spent a lot of time browsing the net today.

One of the things I have looked for today is a way to copy and paste from any app I have, with my android devices, but I have not found a way to do that. For an example, I would like to copy from app) but that app will not let me do that. Why? Who knows. I find it irritating the copy/paste is not fully integrated into android, regardless of what app you’re using . However android lets app developers choose whether this option works or not. Worried that somebody might lose a dollar on some silly copyright I guess.

No problem, I just changed dictionary, I now use Merriam-Webster. This still don’t help me to copy in any app, but it will this app anyways! So now, if I pronounce a word using the voice feature I can then copy and paste it to where I like. I know, I know it would be a fine opportunity to learn to spell that word 😯 but I like the fast road sometimes. Also I know I could just use voice to put it into whatever I am writing but I like to see it first and read the meaning before pasting it in, as you know I am not all that good with words, best to be sure.

No exercise today 😦   I have a little fear now ……… that the knee may be pushing me into a new reality, but ….. I am still holding out hope. When I blew my real knee about 10 or 12 years ago it felt a lot like this. I worry with it, only being 4 years this February, that I got the new knee replacement. Although I have worked it hard I would hope it holds longer than this! Like I said I am holding out hope on it, even if I do feel like I have given it a lot of rest already. I will be patient, take it ease and give it more time. Man, I miss my nice long walks!

Night folks

4 thoughts on “Me and the Knee

  1. John, since you’ve had a replacement, you’ve probably been through all kinds of pre-replacement helps, but I have to ask if you’ve considered things like a stretchy brace for extra support? Exercise is known to help feelings of depression and having to give it up is probably a “Catch 22” that makes you worry more just because you aren’t getting the good endorphins from the exercise. Wishing you better health for the new year!


  2. Carla, I would bet you are right about all them little endorphins running around and having fun! LOL. It is so hard not to push ahead with exercise, just to see what it will do, but if there is a chance it will get better, I will give it that chance. I may even have a knee brace laying around here somewhere. Thanks for stopping by and the good wishes!


  3. For whatever reason, some replacements don’t live up to their anticipated ‘life expectancy’. Have you checked with the ‘installer’? Geez, sounds like a conversation about spare parts on a used car!!!! Hope things take a positive turn soon.


    1. LOL, No Judy, I have not check with the installer, (I like that “installer”) They are in El Paso. I really don’t think there is much they can do as far as adjustments may go, it is kind of all or none! I don’t think I am ready for “all” again, not just yet anyways. Thanks Judy for good wishes, and maybe it will get better, I’ll give it time.


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