Parker Dam

Beautiful day. Warm and sunshine 🙂   I like it.

Yesterday we visit Parker Dam that is known to be the ” deepest dam on the world” with 235 feet below water. The dam is use to from Lake Havasu and generate electric power.

As I said yesterday, my friend had not seen the London bridge so we took a ride into Lake Havasu. I had visit it before here is a link to that visit, with pictures.
Here are some pictures from yesterday. Couple shots at the Lake Havasu

Two shots of the Parker Dam
Parker Dam2_0802
Parker Dam_0801
Deepest Dam_0798

My friend hit the road to Yuma today, we had a great visit.

My first post, back on 07. Hard to believe that much time has passed, but it has.

Here is the new bird for the week. This is a Brown Headed Cowbird and the pictures was taken in KY a long time ago.
Blackbird, Brown Headed Cowbird photo cbp.jpg

Night folks