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Oh wow, this day is really a gloomy looking one! Very over cast, a bit cool and dark. That okay, there is so many nice ones I’ll just over look this one 🙂
Afternoon update: The days looks much better this afternoon, only partly cloudy and everything else is all good.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.10mi, time: 58:03, pace: 18:45min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

App updates, my WordPress app updated and it is just a tad different. Looks like they just move some things around a bit. The post setting is now a tab at the bottom of the page instead of part of the page when editing. No matter, as long as I can find things. I kind of liked it at the bottom but I’ll get use to it as a tab.

Night folks

Shopping in Parker

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.21mi, time: 01:01:43, pace: 19:14min/mi, speed: 3.12mi/h.
Nice walk.

My friend Max and I went to Parker today and did a little shopping at Walmart. I usually wait till after the first of the month to go, but Max was going so I went with, because that will save me a trip later on. I am very well stock up for now and I shouldn’t have to go back till after mid February.

On this 30th day of January 2014 the temperature here in Ehrenberg, AZ is just tops, we do have a good bit of wind and it is overcast, but over all it’s a fine day.

Short for today, night folks.

Moderator on!

Another month has near past while I’ve sat here in the desert enjoying the warm weather, old man time has a way of melting away without you even noticing. Looking back everything that is me, seen like it was only yesterday, such is life.

My humming feeder is busy with 4 or 5 regulars now, a mix of Anna’s and Costa’s hummers. I have taken down my seed feeder, just no birds on it at all and I don’t want it attracting rodents in the night if I don’t have no fun birds during the day! I am sure one could build up some yard birds here but it looks like it would take some time.

The plan for today’s walk is to keep it at around three miles. That’s the plan …… 🙂 we’ll see how it goes. I’ll wait to maybe 10 or so before starting, still a little chilly out for now.

I did well, my moderator is working! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.13mi, time: 01:06:10, pace: 21:06min/mi, speed: 2.84mi/h.
http://mapmywalk.com/workout/473111689 I am going to miss my stretching for today.

My friend Max stopped by and visited for a while and tomorrow we’ll going to meet up and head up to Parker Walmart.

Night folks

Little longer walk

Beautiful morning coming down :-). I am waiting for it to warm up just a bit before my walk and that won’t be long.

Took little more of a walk than I expected …..
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.90mi, time: 01:49:57, pace: 18:37min/mi, speed: 3.22mi/h.
The knees are doing well and I won’t do that longer walk the rest of the week. I did add my stretching when I got back so I’m exercised up for the day! Feeling well 🙂

I have birding books but find some things are handy on the tablet, such as a bird app with sounds. For this I use
Audubon Bird Pro
birding app. It is a app that I have had for a long time but lost the data on it when I rooted my Nexus 7 (it does work without downloading data by using online data). It is handy to have when I cannot connect. So …. seeing as I’m in an area that had good internet connection I decided to download the near 1 GB of data. The app is made by Green Mountain Digital and they have many other nature apps, such as butterflies, insects, flowers and other apps.

An app that many birders are waiting for is an app like SoundHound for music, but for bird sounds instead. Like soundhound or voice recognition it would not be 100% accurate, but still it could be very helpful. I think it will show up one day.

Night folks

Happy Knee

Man, the knee is doing well today after yesterday’s long walk, I am pleased with it. Still I will not walk or do very little walking today and give it some rest. Maybe a small birding walk but not a long one. I like the knee being well.

Took a trip down to Ehrenberg to get water for the RV.

Weather, it is as good as it gets 🙂 We had a little sprinkle last night, just enough to turn the light coat of dust on everything to mud 😦 so the truck and RV could both use a washing. That happens often out here in the west. I would have like to seen it come a good hard rain to settle the dust a bit, but you get what you get. The temperature is in the sweet spot and I’m loving it.

I did take me a little birding walk but got nothing. I did see some but they stay their distance so no pictures. This has been a tough birding area for me. The only bird I have seen come to the feeder is a House Sparrow.

Here are a couple of Humming birds I have seen around. This first one is a Costa’s Hummer at my feeder and the second one is a Anna’s Hummer I seen while out walking the other day.

Night folks

Walking Sunday?

Awe, It is walk day and I look forward to it! I will wait for another half hour to an hour(let it warn up a little) and then be on my way for at least 6 plus miles. I like it to be warm so I can wear shorts and a T-shirt. This coming week I plan on picking up my daily walks to at least 3 miles a day. The knee feels well and I see no reason not to, but this week will be a testing week to see how the knee puts up with it.

Good one! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 11.41mi, time: 03:32:48, pace: 18:39min/mi, speed: 3.22mi/h.
A nice walk indeed, it was mostly on flat land and easy but long. I had a little better pace today than I did last weekend too.

My knee is doing well and I think it is time to make a walking plan. I need to bring my big walks down some and up my daily walks. Maybe I need to set a mileage goal. A weekly, monthly or a yearly goal ….. ? Weekly maybe 21 miles? Monthly 90 miles? Or maybe yearly 1000 miles? Too high? Well this would not work no way, (at least on a yearly plan) because this summer I will do some bike riding, and I don’t know how much walking I will be doing while volunteering this summer, too many variables. So down to a weekly or monthly. No ….. I don’t think I’ll do a plan for now, but I will think on it. For now I am just going to start keeping track of my mileage (and sharing it on here to keep me honest) with the MapMyWalk app. I have recently started using it for every walk, so I might as well start keeping track of weekly and monthly totals. I will have to look it over good to see if the app will do that for me, if not I can do it by hand.

The bird of the week is one you can find anywhere in the US, an American Robin. I took this picture in KY a long time ago.
Robin photo Robin11.jpg

I have had a nice day, I think the hard exercise makes me happy 🙂 I hope y’all had a fine day too.

Night folks.




Ten apps to help you blog on Android tablets

1.  WordPress; This one is great if you are a WordPress Blogger. Bloggers app, if you use Google blog.

2. Evernote; If your blog is neither of the above, Evernote could be very helpful. Evernote is a great app for other things too and comes with cloud storage. Great little note keeper.

3. Merriam Webster; Dictionary, there are many dictionary available. Just pick your favorite.

4. Easy Text to Speech; I use this one to read back what I have written, great for catching typos and other little grammar mistakes. (And you know I don’t catch them all, if you read my blog much 😯 )

5. IVONA Text to Speech; This is a much better voice than Google voice, and this is added to the app above for a better Text to Speech experience.

6. Clipper;  is a clipboard manager that I find very useful.

7. Swype keyboard; If you are on one of the latest Android versions you can swipe away on the Google Keyboard, if not I highly recommend one of the 3rd party keyboards that will allow you to swipe instead of typing.

8. Google maps; I often blog my location and Google maps is just the best for this, other bloggers will mention places that you may want to look up too, just a all-around handy little tool. There are other maps too.

9. Google translator; If you do much blogging sooner or later you going to want to read somebody’s blog that don’t write your language, Google translator will allow you to do this.

10. SwipePad; My latest app that I am enjoying, helps make multitasking on the Android much easier. There are a couple of other multitasking tools that will also help with android.

There you go, ten apps to help you blog with an Android tablet.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.37mi, time: 49:45, pace: 21:00min/mi, speed: 2.86mi/h.
Looks like I got near 3 miles today, maybe tomorrow will be a good walk 🙂 somewhere between 6 to 12 miles hopefully. I did top off my exercise with some stretching today.

Today’s weather for the most part looks like it will be near the same as yesterday but with little peaks of sun now and then. Feels a good bit warmer too with little to no wind today. Update 02:12pm: mostly sunny 🙂 I like that. My solar system has got the batteries completely charged, good deal.

Night folks

Fasting Friday?

The day is starting out with the normal morning chill but with a little wind added, making it feel even cooler. It is extremely overcast, hope that clears up pretty soon, however it looks pretty set in to me. No never mind, the forecast looks very good for the next few days so all is well.
Weather update 03:40 pm: The overcast skies never did go away today but the temperature has been comfortable. Only real downfall is that I have not gather much solar power for the day.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.44mi, time: 47:32, pace: 19:30min/mi, speed: 3.08mi/h.
My little walk for today is done. This is a fine place for walking, with lots of option in near every direction. Added a minimum amount of stretching, good enough for today.

Training my keyboard ….. sometimes it’s the little things makes me nuts. I often swipe the word “is” and the Swype keyboard kept giving me ” ous” whatever that is, anyway I finally figured out that you could delete words from the default dictionary, very helpful. I just love learning these little tricks 🙂 . Man I am glad that word “is” is fixed, LOL. Only people with a good memory of President Clinton will enjoy the humor in the sentence before this one! LOL.

It is Friday and one week ago today that I fasted for the day. I am again fasting today, it don’t feel no better than last time : shock: . I have read many places where they don’t think it is good for weight lost, But still I find it interesting. Maybe one of these days I will try a 36 hour fast vs this little 24 hour thing I am doing. I have to admire folks that do fasting for long periods of time, they have to have some great discipline, I don’t think that will ever be me, I enjoy my eating way too much! Today has seem long to me and I think it is because I have all the time extra that I spend preparing and eating food. Never give much thought to how much time all that takes. Dang, it’s a lot like sleeping in that it takes a lot of your time but you sure don’t want to miss out on it.

Night folks

My Workout

A little walk and a little stretch 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.17mi, time: 43:11, pace: 19:54min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.
I will add a little more to the stretching later today. 2:30 pm update; added some good stretching.

This is not the best area I have been in for birding, but like all places there is always birds around somewhere. I took a little birding walk today(didn’t get close enough for pictures) and seen Gnatcatchers, Phainopepla and a Great Horned Owl(that I scared off of its roast before knowing it was there, sorry my feather friend 😦 ). When I next go into that area I’ll be watching closer.

Today I looked around for a clipboard managers that would work on both Android and Windows, but I had no luck on that one. For Windows I use Ditto and for Android I use Clipper. Both do a great job, but I wish I had one that would work on both and sync by cloud, that would be nice. Maybe one will come later.

When I started using tablets I thought that there would be no way I could use them to blog with but as it turns out, I can! A little practice goes a long way. I can Swipe just about as quick as I can type and I can certainly dictate even faster. The speech recognition on the android is pretty dang good when I use the android keyboard. When I use the Swype Keyboard its Dragon’s speech recognition that is built into the Swype keyboard. Both do pretty good.

Night folks

Out and about

Shopping today in Blythe, CA ,  picked up a few things I needed food wise, a can of propane and some water for the RV. I also picked up my mail today, out of 10 pieces of mail only two was of use. A lot of trees are sure wasted for advertisement/promotion mail, a true shame.

My friend Max came by and visited for a little while, always good to see friends.

Took a little walk this afternoon, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 40:25, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.
Kind of a wimpy walk but a little something for exercise at least. The stretching was kind of wimpy too, but I did a little. When I exercise in the afternoon, I don’t seem to get as much into it as I do when exercising in the morning.

I some times get a little behind on my following up of comments and such but this evening I took a little time to get back to everyone, I hope I didn’t miss any of you 🙂

Night folks