The knee and fear

Good news! I am now in the mind-set that my knee is going to come back to a better place that will allow me to take the longer walks(5 miles + ) that I so much like. Only a week ago I was beginning to wonder whether the knee was going to return to a better state. About 6 weeks ago I did something that ended up causing me a lot of trouble on my replacement knee. What that was I am not totally sure about, maybe too many long walks or that short run(half mile) I took one day when I remember that I had left water on the stove to boil for my tea before going out for that walk. At any rate about six weeks ago a felt some pretty sharp pains in the knee that felt a lot like when I first injured my knee 10 or 12 years ago that ended in a full knee replacement 4 years ago, and this was not a thing I wanted to feel again!

Yesterday I took me a pretty nice little walk a little over 5 miles and today the knee is not fussing too much, a bit, but not bad. Mind you, I am not going out for another long walk today and maybe no walk at all, but the knee feels better than it has since first feeling the sharp pains 6 weeks ago. I may not be out of the woods yet but I am certainly feeling more optimistic about it. Not feeling cocky about it because I know that because it’s feeling good today does not mean that will carry over to tomorrow (that is just the way of old joints) but thinking my chances are better anyways! We’ll see.

The sun is being slow to warm things up this morning but the weatherman says it will. Looks like another cold front is dipping down from the north we may get a little feel of it.

Weight, I am up 5 pounds, I will be attending to that right away! Of course the slacking off from my exercise is not helping and I think maybe my eating habits have not been as good as they could be lately. My weight is a thing I much keep a close watch on. I love to eat, but I have learned to control it over the last 3 years or so, however it is a thing that needs constant vigilance with me. One of the bigger areas I could do better on foods is probably processed meats, such as hotdogs, hamburgers, lunch meats, canned meats and such. I get caught in the easy to fix trap sometimes 😦

I did add a short walk to my day, a slow mile, if that much. Just so I don’t get rusty 🙂 I did some stretching too.

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