MayMyWalk App screw up

MapMyWalk screwed up my walk! For some reason it stopped working at 8.9 miles. If you look at the map from the link below you will see the loop is not closed. I always start and end at the RV, it shows me starting at the RV but ends somewhere out on the trail. Oddly it kept track of time but stopped tracking on the map and keeping distance. I am going to call the walk a 12 mile walk, and I am sure it was at least that long.

Here is an updated version where I have edited it to 12 miles, but the map is still not correct.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 12.00mi, time: 04:19:10, pace: 21:36min/mi, speed: 2.78mi/h.
I did just a little stretching before I left.

The weather has cooled off a bit but still fairly pleasant. Looks like it will be cooler for the week and warm back up next week. I am running my heater tonight something I have not had to do for a while. I also run the generator for a while tonight …. to many cloudy days in a row, hopefully that will pass in a day or two.

New bird of the week is a Road Runner and I took this picture in Deming, NM.
Roadrunner photo RR3.jpg

Got an email from Image shack and I guess they are going to shut down the free part šŸ˜¦ so that will break some links on my blog šŸ˜¦ Lucky for me I have only about 30 images on there. Guess they are going to a service ….. they all want to be a service now to keep sucking money out of you. At first they say Okay we going to charge you a little so we won’t have to run ads on your site and as time passes they slowly sneak the ads back in. Greed, kind of like cable TV, we all see the ads they don’t run, LOL. OK, I am off my  photo soapbox.gif !

Night folks.