Today is at least starting out with some sunshine, a good thing. The last 4 or 5 days have all been partly cloudy not giving me all the solar love I wanted : shock: however I only had to run the generator a couple of times and then that was only an hour each time.

I may get out for a ride today, maybe over to Blythe. I don’t really need much of anything but I may just get out for the enjoyment of it. It is costly to ride around in the truck much, so I don’t go out much just to be going, but sometimes ……. I feel the need to just get out for a bit. We’ll see.

Yes, I took that ride and did a little shopping. Got myself a haircut while I was out too and that was way over due, it had been at least 2 months, feels good 🙂
The shopping always turns out to be more than I expected, cost wise 😦 . I wonder …. here in the US all is old folks just love to fuss about the high cost of things and compare cost to times long ago when things where cheaper, do older folks other countries fuss like that too, about the cost of in? I think here in the US we old dudes just think that is our right of passage 😛 , you know, kind of like talking about the weather! We can fuss about it if we want too!

Snap this shot while walking the other day.
Flower photo Flower1_0865_zps5a28bd3f.jpg

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