Short walk

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.48mi, time: 51:55, pace: 20:56min/mi, speed: 2.87mi/h.

Just a little walk today because the knees feels a little tender. I also have a bit of a sore back, I am always lifting the generator and the water cans(6.5 gal) and sometimes I’m not as careful as I should be …. I forget that I am an old dude sometimes 😯 . No matter, it will pass in a few days but I’ll have to lay off the stretching a bit, or at least do my stretching in a different manner.

My latest app is “Favado” and it is kind of a shopping list/what’s on sale app. It is helping me find good deals on things I buy. You in put the stores in your area and it gives a nice list of what is on sale by categories in each store. Also if you happen to be a coupon’er it tells you what is available coupon wise. I never was one to get the Sunday paper and go through all the ads and figure out what’s on sale. That was always like reading a book to me, just too much info, with Favado I just look under the categories that I’m interested in and pick the items I want and add them to my list. Unfortunately the app don’t seem to want to work on my older smart phone(Thunderbolt), but works fine on my tablet(Nexus 7). Guess I’ll just have to make a paper list or take my tablet shopping.

How about a redo on yesterdays flower? I didn’t like how my post processing came out yesterday so here it is again. I think I over cooked it yesterday 😉

How about a couple sunsets, I know, you have seen a million, but here are two more, one with an airplane and one with my friend’s van in it.
One more sunset_0843

Night folks