My friend Max

Messed up again with the MapMyWalk app, this time ( I ) forgot to shut the app off after getting back from my walk. (A couple of things distracted my pea brain for a few moments, both listed below)

The distance has been edited to about the right amount but the timing and pace are both off because it won’t let me edit them.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.00mi, time: 01:05:58, pace: 32:59min/mi, speed: 1.82mi/h.

When I got back to the RV after my walk, my friend Max was there waiting on me, for one last visit before he leaves the area for the winter. It is always good to see friends. I rode into Blythe with my friend and picked up a couple things at the stores. We had a good visit. (Max my friend, good travels! )

While out walking I ran into one of my neighbors who had ran his battery down on his van, so I came and got my truck and jumper cables to give him a boost. My friend Max and I rode over to help jump his van off, before we did our visiting and then heading off to Blythe.

My back continues to bug me a little, just an old dude thing I suppose. It should pass in a few days.

Okay, that cover most of my day, I will top it off by watching American Idol : shock:

Night folks.